Season 5 is the fifth & final season of Gooische Vrouwen. The season contains a total of 8 episodes which were originally broadcast in the Netherlands from September 4, 2009 to October 23, 2009.


Promotional picture for season 5.

Cast Edit

Main cast Edit

Recurring cast Edit

New Cast Edit

  • Marcel Musters - Dirk Stubbe
  • Camilla Siegertz - Ilona de Vries
  • Mandela Weewee - Winand
  • Liz Snoyink - Carla Callewaert
  • Gijs de Lange - Floris Callewaert
  • Jeroen Willems - Hendrik Tulp
  • Maris Lubbersen - Lisa
  • Raymonde de Kuyper - Karin

Synopsis Edit

Evert and Roelien are now dealing with their pregnancy and upcoming marriage. However, the perish of Evert's career and a miscarriage drives them apart. Claire has a massive alcoholproblem. The women pull out all the stops to help her. Cheryl clashes with Cor once again. Anouk is aching for Tom's love, but she first needs to take down Kim. Tippi Wan is working at the Moreros new neighbours and is preparing for her final act of vengeance.

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List of episodes Edit

01Financial Crisis 04The Threat 07 To Extremes... And Back
02Little Children Grow Older 05Temptation 08The End
03Women and Wine 06Someday It Will Be Allright
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