Season 2 is the second season of Gooische Vrouwen. The season contains a total of 8 episodes which were originally broadcast in the Netherlands from September 7, 2006 to November 3, 2006.


Promotional picture for season 2.

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Willemijn and Evert have decided go get a divorce. But do they really want to be without eachother? Cheryl is finally pregnant, but is Martin the father? Can she keep her doubts a secret? Claire's fatal fall in the pool has consequences, she's not her self anymore. Is the wall surrounding her, slowly breaking down? Anouk seems different aswell, she want to be a good and responsible mother to Vlinder. Will it work or will her sexual addictiveness put a stop to it?

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01I Come Back 04The Tax Collector's Office 07 A New Friend
02The Exemplary Mother 05Reality 08A Baby For Christmas
03The Plan 06Fourty
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