Season 1 Edit

  • Anouk vs. Willemijn

Anouk tells Willemijn Evert is in love with her(Anouk). Willemijn misunderstands and thinks they were having an affair, and that Anouk believes Evert is not good enough for her.

Season 2 Edit

Season 3 Edit

Season 4 Edit

  • Anouk vs. Claire

Claire told Anouk to give people some space, instead of stalking everyone with spiritual and moral advices. Anouk was very offended by this.

  • Anouk vs. Claire pt.2

That same episode, Anouk expressed her disgusts of Claire's arrogance and her attempts to replace the late Willemijn.

  • Anouk vs. Cheryl

Anouk was put off by Cheryl's selfishness, as Cheryl gave Evert a sculpture of Willemijn; which Anouk made and had given to Cheryl as a present.

Season 5 Edit

  • Cheryl vs. Cor

Cheryl was disdained by Cor's 24/7 presence, and the things Cor had done while the Moreros were on their honeymoon (piercing Remy's ear, inviting in paparazzi for a photo-shoot). Cor and Cheryl came to blows and took a temporary distance.

  • Barry vs. Cheryl

Barry was not fond of being replaced by Cheryl as Martin's new manager. He threatened Cheryl at the garage-sale to keep her distance. This conflict didn't end.

  • Cheryl vs. Claire

Claire babysat Remy, and left him alone in bath, which could have caused his death. Cheryl refused to let Claire apologize at first.

  • Martin vs. Claire

See Cheryl vs. Claire. Martin refused to let Claire apologize at first.

  • Claire vs. Anouk

Claire, badly drunk, hit Anouk in the face. After that, she apologized, though tried to shift blame on Anouk for having pulled her arm. Anouk yells at her and confronts her with her alcoholism for the umpteenth time. Claire stays in denial and wishes to be left alone, storming off.

  • Cheryl vs. Martin

The fight about Martin hiring his personal agent took several forms. Cheryl expected Martin to hire a stupid, blonde, hot, young girl. Martin: "Have you ever looked in the mirror?"

  • The Moreros vs. the Callewaerts

Neighbours fighting. Floris and Carla Callewaert were put off by the Moreros loudness and Sinatra trespassing their garden often. This ignited a temporary war. Later, Cheryl and Carla fought about the latter one's cat, who trespassed Cheryl's property in turn. Carla suspected the Moreros to have murdered her.

  • Cor vs. Cheryl

Cheryl was intimidated by Ilona de Vries' constant presence around Martin, so she made an appeal to Cor. Cor offered to help. Later, Cor and Martin both turned on Cheryl for being put off by her suspicion.

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