Murder Edit

  • Tippi Wan (Willemijn Lodwijckx- bomb explosion; Greet Hogenberk- pushed from height; Mr. van Dijk- stabbed; Misty (Callewaert's cat)- unknown)

Manslaughter Edit

  • Cor Hogenberk (Tippi Wan- beat with a pan)

"Attempted" negligent manslaughter Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (abandoning Remy Morero in bath which almost caused death)

Attempted murder Edit

  • Merel van Kampen (Claire van Kampen- bludgeoning her)
  • Joost van Wenten (Anouk Verschuur- drowning her; strangling her)

Theft Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (stole money from charity auction; shoplifted dress)
  • Roderick Lodewijckx (shoplifted clothing)
  • Tippi Wan (money from Martin Morero)
  • Dirk Stubbe (from mother; offscreen)

Blackmail Edit

  • Tippi Wan (Cheryl Morero- to tell everyone about her secrets if she can't stay at their house; Greet Hogenberk- to tell everyone about the family secret of Martin not being Remy's real father, if she can't stay at the Moreros; Martin Morero- to tell Cheryl about his adultery if she can't stay); Claire van Kampen- to tell everyone about her charity theft, if she can't have € 5000)

Bribery Edit

  • Tippi Wan (Evert Lodewijckx- to not leave the country and have Roderick's baby if he won't pay her off)
  • Anouk Verschuur ((attempted) Emile- to dance with her daughter, for 50 €)

Destruction of property Edit

  • Roderick Lodewijckx (Anouk Verschuur's window with brick)
  • Willemijn Lodewijckx (Evert Lodewijckx's heirloom silverware)
  • Martin & Cheryl Morero (damaging Claire van Kampen's garden fence)

Public intoxication Edit

  • Claire van Kampen
  • Willemijn Lodewijckx

Assault/Abuse Edit

  • Joost van Wenten (hitting Anouk)
  • Joke (hitting Cheryl Morero)
  • Martin Morero (bludgeoning Joke)
  • Cheryl Morero (hitting Wendy)
  • Tippi Wan (choking babysitter)

Conspiracy Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (Ernst case; Max case)
  • Ernst Scheepmaker-van Altena
  • Max (Claire)

Fraud/Embezzlement Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (holding back charity money; casino swindles)
  • Ernst Scheepmaker-van Altena (investment fraud)
  • Max (casino swindles)
  • Louis (fake investment funds)
  • Dr. van Engelen (illegal surgery)

Prescience Edit

  • Ernst Scheepmaker-van Altena (Gooische investments)

Forgery Edit

  • Cheryl Morero (paternity test papers)

Obstruction of justice Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (defiling professional secrecy with Cecile van Buuren)

Black market violation Edit

  • Martin Morero (buying an expensive car with black money)

Insurance Fraud Edit

  • Martin Morero (after illegally having bought a car)

Kidnapping Edit

  • Tippi Wan (Remy Morero)

Perjury Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (lying in court; case against Ernst)

Stalking Edit

  • Joost van Wenten (Anouk Verschuur)
  • Joke (Martin & Cheryl Morero)

Defamation Edit

  • Tippi Wan (Cheryl Morero; sending a false story to the press about Cheryl Morero having an affair)

Misprision of felony Edit

  • Cor Hogenberk (murder of Tippi Wan)
  • Martin Morero (murder of Tippi Wan)
  • Cheryl Morero (murder of Tippi Wan)

Hate crime Edit

  • Yari's attackers (gay bashing)

Extortion Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (Willemijn Lodewijckx; € 6000)

Grave desecration Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (Anton van Kampen's grave)

Morality crimes Edit

Adultery Edit

  • Cheryl Morero (cheated on Martin Morero - 2 times; Tom Blaauw; Frank de Jong)
  • Martin Morero (cheated on Cheryl Morero - 3 times; Wendy; Lucy; hotel-maid)
  • Anton van Kampen (cheated on Claire van Kampen - gay man)
  • Stach Hartman (cheated on wife - Anouk Verschuur)
  • Joost (cheated on his wife - Anouk Verschuur)

Unconfirmed adultery Edit

  • Anouk Verschuur (Tom Blaauw)

Physical contact with young people/teens Edit

  • Cecile van Buuren (Edwin Bartelds)
  • Anouk Verschuur (Bart-Jan)
  • Tippi Wan (Roderick Lodewijckx)

Gun possession Edit

  • Claire van Kampen (revolver)

Drug possession Edit

  • Roderick Lodewijckx (soft drugs)

Breach of contract Edit

  • Anouk Verschuur (neglecting to paint lines of hockey field)
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