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Evert Lodewijckx

Portrayed by

Leopold de Witte

First appearance

The party (ep 1.01)

Number of episodes



investement adviser

Hair colour



Willemijn Lodewijckx (spouse; deceased)

Roderick Lodewijckx (son)

Louise Lodewijckx (daughter)

Annabel Lodewijckx (daughter)


Willemijn Lodewijckx (wife; deceased)

Diana van der Kieft (ex-girlfriend)

Roelien Grootheeze (current girlfriend)


Phoebe (dog)

Murphy (dog; deceased)

Various dogs

Evert Lodewijckx is one of the main characters from Gooische Vrouwen, and is portrayed by Leopold de Witte.

Character Profile[]

Evert Lodewijckx is father of three children and a widow. His wife, Willemijn Lodewijckx, was killed in a bomb explosion, right after they got married for the second time. Nothing is known about Evert's family. He is a successful investment advisor and has his own investment business. He was also a colleague of the deceased Anton van Kampen. Up until the fifth season, Evert's company has been quite easy-going, but got hit hard when the financial crisis ascended. This almost caused Evert's company to collapse. At the end of the series, Evert sells his company.

Evert is a respected man in the business world. He is known for being intelligent, posh and well-spoken. Though he is a sensitive man, he sometimes has trouble empathizing and manages to inflict damage to his life and his partners. He is persevere and often sneaky and vile. For example, he got himself a vasectomy in secret, to prevent him from having another child with Roelien, who desperately wished for one on the other hand. He knowingly hurt his family, especially Willemijn, by leaving them and demanding a divorce. Evert can also be quite bossy, though he has great manners and has a very charming appearance in general. He loves his children unconditionally, and is especially proud of his eldest son Roderick. Evert had much trouble with Roderick moving out.


Season 1[]