Season 1[edit | edit source]

101.jpg Episode 1.01 The Party October 30, 2005 Main article: The Party
Successful folksinger Martin Morero and his wife Cheryl are about to move to 't Gooi, where they bought a luxurious mansion. But are they the people the neighborhood is waiting for?
102.jpg Episode 1.02 One Man's Meat November 6, 2005 Main article: One Man's Meat
At Anton's burial, Anouk runs into a nice guy. Thus each disadvantage has an advantage. In the recording studio Willemijn makes a discovery which puts her friendship with Cheryl on the line. The death of Anton drives Claire and her daughter further apart.
103.jpg Episode: 1.03 Sex, Lies and Clichés November 13, 2005 Main article: Sex, Lies and Clichés
The women of 't Gooi each have their problems. Claire finds herself in money need, Willemijn can't manage the sexual impasse in her marriage any longer, Cheryl suspect Martin of having an affair and Anouk has decided to exile all men from her life.
104.jpg Episode: 1.04 A Cat and Mouse-game November 20, 2005 Main article: A Cat and Mouse-game
The women of 't Gooi each have their problems. Claire finds herself in money need, Willemijn can't manage the sexual impasse in her marriage any longer, Cheryl suspect Martin of having an affair and Anouk has decided to exile all men from her life.
105.jpg Episode: 1.05 Questions November 27, 2005 Main article: Questions
Claire' s pride is big, but her money problem is bigger. Thus she asks her closest friend for aid. Cheryl is asked to become the face of a campaign for diet pills, but is she the right size? Anouk tries to help Willemijn correct Evert.
106.jpg Episode: 1.06 Black Magic December 4, 2005 Main article: Black Magic
There's nothing wrong with Martin' s golden voice, but Cheryl has her doubts concerning his seed. She hears from her gynecologist that there is nothing wrong with her what could stand in the way of a pregnancy. Willemijn searches for her prosperity via a medium, but that gets out of hand considerably.
107.jpg Episode: 1.07 Men December 11, 2005 Main article: Men
Whereas Cheryl is cunningly trying to discover if Martin is indeed having an affair, Claire is faced with a strange man in her house. Willemijn gets a nasty message and Anouk tries win over Tom by organizing a surprise lunch for him.
108.jpg Episode: 1.08 Baby Love December 18, 2005 Main article: Baby Love
Willemijn is probably better off dumping her husband, but does she dare to end the relationship? Claire is faced with having to choose between love or money, but Max is seeing an other possibility. Anouk and Cheryl have hot news and they are not the only ones.

Season 2[edit | edit source]

201.jpg Episode 2.01 I Come Back September 7, 2006 Main article: I Come Back
Cheryl, Anouk and Willemijn are not satisfied with the police investigation, so they decide to investigate the attack on Claire themselves. Evert tries to get rid of Tippi Wan, because she is pregnant by his son.
202.jpg Episode 2.02 The Exemplary Mother September 14, 2006 Main article: The Exemplary Mother
Claire has recovered from her coma and is visited by an inspector. Anouk is taking Vlinder's birthday party to a whole other level. Martin is having a problem with the fact Tippi Wan is pregnant and still living at his house.
203.jpg Episode: 2.03 The Plan September 28, 2006 Main article: The Plan
Martin doesn't touch Cheryl anymore since her pregnancy, but she is about to do something about it. Willemijn plans to do something so Evert will give more attention to his children. Meanwhile Anouk searches for a new au-pair.
204.jpg Episode: 2.04 The Tax Collector's Office November 5, 2006 Main article: The Tax Collector's Office
Martin buys a new car with black money. Willemijn has more problems with Evert's new love than she'd like to admit. Meanwhile Anouk wants to fire the au-pair because she likes him a little bit too much.
205.jpg Episode: 2.05 Reality October 12, 2006 Main article: Reality
Martin decides to be in a reality-soap to promote his concert. Meanwhile Anouk is working a little too hard to get Jurriaan and Claire is struggling with her growing feelings for Ernst.
206.jpg Episode: 2.06 Fourty October 19, 2006 Main article: Fourty
Cheryl is not happy when her mother in law is visiting. Claire is visited aswell by someone she doesn't expect. Anouk is turning 40, but doesn't want to know anything about it and Willemijn is mucked on the the street.
207.jpg Episode: 2.07 A New Friend October 26, 2006 Main article: [A New Friend]]
While Martin is working on his new record, Cheryl tries to write a column. Merel suddenly shows up at Claire doorstep and everybody is flabbergasted when Willemijn appears to have a new relationship.
208.jpg Episode: 2.08 A Baby For Christmas November 3, 2006 Main article: A Baby For Christmas
Claire thinks she's too soft, so her reputation as bad-ass lawyer is in danger. When a piece of art from Anouk is demolished, she's wants to find out who did it. Meanwhile Cheryl baby is coming.

Season 3[edit | edit source]

301.jpg Episode 3.01 Health and Body September 16, 2007 Main article: Health and Body
Lies, perversions and holding back the truth makes the relationship between the 4 Gooische women very difficult. To solve the issues they decide to have themselves spoiled in a health center, where the tensions emerge even further. Nevertheless this visit proves be a good thing for Willemijn.
302.jpg Episode 3.02 The Baptism September 23, 2007 Main article: The Baptism
Tom requires a paternity test. Anouk is shocked and breaks the friendship furiously. She seeks help at her tantra coach Stach. During a cheese fondue Willemijn asks her friends to keep the friendship high.
303.jpg Episode: 3.03 Charity September 30, 2007 Main article: Charity
Cheryl needs her friends to organize a charity event. Anouk discovers she's a marriage wrecker and Claire needs to make a choice between Ernst and Merel. She also resolves in theft...
304.jpg Episode: 3.04 Wine-Tasting October 7, 2007 Main article: Wine-Tasting
Greet wants to celebrate her birthday with Martin and Cheryl. Willemijn is losing all her friends. Anouk tries to stimulate Vlinder's creative side. Claire needs to let her villa for a while and wants to live at one of her friends for a while together with Merel.
305.jpg Episode: 3.05 The French Singer October 14, 2007 Main article: The French Singer
A very attractive French singer rents Claire's villa. The ladies are very impressed by this man, who leaves nothing as a surprise.
306.jpg Episode: 3.06 The Gooische Vrouw October 21, 2007 Main article: The Gooische Vrouw
Cheryl has a collision with a fatal impact. Willemijn meets an old friend, with whom she starts a close renewed friendship. Anouk tries to abjure the men. And Claire finally learns who's behind the blackmailing.
307.jpg Episode: 3.07 The Seance October 28, 2007 Main article: [The Seance]]
The friends do a séance. What starts as a game ends in a ritual cleansing. Claire is faced with her past. Anouk thinks she has the fourth sight and Willemijn starts a profile on a dating site.
308.jpg Episode: 3.08 The Accident November 4, 2007 Main article: The Accident
Willemijn makes a passionate journey along her past with her 'new' lover. Cheryl falls for a former boyfriend aswell. Anouk wants to adopt a child. In the Morero villa a tragic accident happens.
309.jpg Episode: 3.09 The Wedding November 11, 2007 Main article: The Wedding
Willemijn is very nervous for the preparation of her marriage. Claire and Anouk are the wedding planners. And will there finally be clarity concerning the paternity of Remy Martin?


Season 4[edit | edit source]

401.jpg Episode 4.01 The Funeral September 7, 2008 Main article: The funeral
Everyone is mourning, the women and the Lodewijkx family over the loss of Willemijn and Martijn over the loss of his mother. The women are working it out in their own different way, Claire is sort of replacing Willemijn in the household of the Lodewijkx family, Anouk doesn't really know what to do, but when at dr. Rossi's she suddenly has it; Cheryl having too coop with 2 losses, is blaming herself. Meanwhile, Tippi Wan is transported to prison.
402.jpg Episode 4.02 The Au-pair September 14, 2008 Main article: The Au-Pair
Anouk is having a party for her exposition. At the party dr. Rossi shows up with a big bouquet of flowers with which he tries to impress Anouk, she however is interested in other things. Meanwhile at the party Evert shows up with his new house maid Svetlana, whom he introduces to Cheryl and Claire. Later on Martin wants to leave because he feels sick, but when in hospital, nothing seems to be wrong physically. Over at Vlinder's school she tells her mom she wants to play hockey, but Anouk is against it.
403.jpg Episode: 4.03 Old Love Never Dies September 21, 2008 Main article: Old Love Never Dies
Evert is still mourning the death of Willemijn and now one of his dogs dies aswell. Meanwhile Martin is still not open towards Cheryl and therapy of doctor Rossi doesn't seems to help. Over in the shopping street Claire is confronted with Ernst again, they both don't seem to let go of their past and Anouk has to do some voluntary work over at Vlinder's hockey association.
404.jpg Episode: 4.04 Triviant September 28, 2008 Main article: Triviant
It goes from bad to worse between Martin and Cheryl and when Martin decides to let his aunt stay over, the bomb explodes. Meanwhile, Claire is uncertaint about her body she doesn't dare to start relationship with Ernstbecause of it. Anouk does a lot better, Vlinder finally agrees with her that hockey is not the sport for her and Anouk is happy with her new lover. Between Evert and Roelien love seems to be in the air.
405.jpg Episode: 4.05 Tippi's Book October 5, 2008 Main article: Tippi's Book
Cheryl presents her new perfume, while Martin feels alone. Meanwhile Tippiwan releases a book about life in 't Gooi, which has a lot of impact on the women. Later that day Evert organizes a barbecue for his new love Roelien.
406.jpg Episode: 4.06 New Neighbours October 12, 2008 Main article: New Neighbours
Anouk is stalked and is scared to death. Will she survive? Who will be the bravest when the situation gets even more serious? Claire is shocked when she finds out about her involvement in serious crime. The Moreros are surprised with their new neigbours.
407.jpg Episode: 4.07 Wish For Kids October 19, 2008 Main article: Wish For Kids
The women give Roelien a treat to a beauty farm. But Roelien is not impressed with it. Cheryl takes it upon herself to demoralize a fan of Martin. Meanwhile Claire is called as a witness in the case against Ernst.
408.jpg Episode: 4.08 Emigration October 26, 2008 Main article: Emigration
Claire is having a hard time without Ernst and Anouk, as the latter one decides to leave for Dubai. Meanwhile Roelien doesn't think Evert loves her enough. Over at Martin and Cheryl's place, Martin is visited by a big fan.
409.jpg Episode: 4.09 All Is Well That Ends Well November 2, 2008 Main article: All Is Well That Ends Well
Everything is going according to plan, everyone is happy or are they? The planned wedding vow renewal of Cheryl and Martin is going through. Meanwhile the escaped Tippi Wan has something else planned and is on her way over to the wedding.

Season 5[edit | edit source]

501.jpg Episode 5.01 Financial Crisis September 4, 2009 Main article: Financial Crisis
Martin and Cheryl arrive at the airport from their second honeymoon. Aunt Cor and Remi are waiting for them.

Meanwhile Vlinder is brought home from her stay with Tom and Kim. Anouk seems to be a little jealous. Over at Roelien's her aunt is making decisions for her about the proposed marriage and so is everyone else. And Claire is still having drinking problems and when her daughter comes home with her new boyfriend, she thinks life has turned against her.

502.jpg Episode 5.02 Little Children Grow Older September 11, 2009 Main article: Little Children Grow Older
Anouk is still worried about Claire, but Claire is acting like nothing is wrong.

The relationship between Roelien and Evert is under pressure, due to the miscarriage. Evert doesn't want to talk about anything, not the things happening at the office and not about the miscarriage and Roelien is getting depressed about it.

503.jpg Episode: 5.03 Women and Wine September 18, 2009 Main article: Women and Wine
Claire's drinking alcoholism causes more and more problems and her friends realize it can't go on like this any longer. Cheryl and Martin receive a remarkable letter from their neighbors.
504.jpg Episode: 5.04 The Threat September 25, 2009 Main article: The Threat
Roelien wants to get pregnant again, but Evert doesn't and takes desperate measures to prevent this from happening. Claire experiences her first difficult moments in rehab. Meanwhile, Anouk can't coop with her renewed feelings for Tom.
505.jpeg Episode: 5.05 Temptation October 2, 2009 Main article: Temptation
Cheryl wants to put new life into the marriage with Martin. Claire is confronted with her past in the clinic and Evert can hardly tell Roelien the truth. Vlinder is seized at school.
506.jpg Episode: 5.06 Someday It Will Be Allright October 9, 2009 Main article: Someday It Will Be Allright
Claire tries to stay strong in the clinic, but how long will it take for her to break. Meanwhile, Cheryl has a few panic attacks when she thinks Tippi Wan is back and she out to get Remy.
507.jpg Episode: 5.07 To Extremes... And Back October 16, 2009 Main article: To Extremes... And Back
Cheryl helps Yari to accomplish his dream and Roelien tries everything to get pregnant.

Meanwhile Martin discovers he caught something from his last flirt.

508.jpg Episode: 5.08 The End October 23, 2009 Main article: The End
The financial problems of Martin and Cheryl are critical and Claire only sees one way to fix it. Dirk demands Claire to solve the problem between her and her daughter. And aunt Cor seems to have an admirer.
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