Cecile van Buuren

Portrayed by

Marlies Heuer

First appearance

The Gooische woman (ep 3.06))

Last appearance

Little Children Grow Older (ep 5.02)

Number of episodes



society queen

Hair colour

dark brown


Edwin Bartelds (boyfriend)


Olivier Grootheeze (brother)

Roelien Grootheeze (neice)

Character profile[edit | edit source]

Our first impression of Cecile van Buuren is dead-on. A cold, assertive icequeen. Everyone who gets on her bad side, will get socially isolated in 't Gooi, which she will take care of personally. This is what she did to the Moreros after Cheryl insulted her after a car collision. Cecile knows everyone in 't Gooi, she has connections everywhere, which make her a society queen.

Everyone will describe Cecile as rather bitter. She has never been seen smiling throughout the series. She is serious, dominant, haughty, intelligent, persuasive and ruthless. She will say to you what is on her mind, even when she might hurt people. Her relationship with Cheryl Morero is bad, though with Claire she has a close, businesslike affection. Cecile is related to Roelien Grootheeze, which makes the latter one a van Buuren as well. She obviously has the last word in everything, when it comes to relative situations.

Shortly; nobody really likes Cecile, though obey her wishes, for disobeying her might mean their social perish in 't Gooi.

Overview[edit | edit source]

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Season 5[edit | edit source]

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