Portrayed by

Kitty Courbois

First appearance

The French Singer (ep 3.05)

Last appearance

The Funeral (ep 4.01)

Number of appearances





Willemijn Lodewijckx (daughter; deceased)

Evert Lodewijckx (son-in-law)

Roderik Lodewijckx (grandson)

Louise Lodewijckx (granddaughter)

Annabel Loudewijckx (granddaughter)

Character profile Edit

Adriënne Verbrugge is Willemijn Lodewijckx' mother. We know little about her marital status (she is presumably a widow), but we do know she is very traditional and intellectual. One of her main concerns is a set of standards her family has to live up to. Though she loves her daughter Willemijn, their relationship comes across as shallow and unaffectionate. Education is also one of Adriënne's priorities; wanting every family member to have a high educational grade and social involvement. Adriënne is very high-maintenance, serious, pragmatic and posh. Willemijn desperately tries to please her mother's criterions, but Adriënne is very hard to satisfy. Though Willemijn is the only known daughter of Adriënne, at the late Willemijn's memorial service, we see a woman who looks very similar to Willemijn, which could mean she is a Verbrugge child as well.

Overview Edit

Season 3 Edit

We first meet Adriënne in episode 3.05. She joins the Lodewijckxs in their Easter lunch. We immediately learn of her haughty, domineering attitude, especially towards Willemijn. Adriënne is critical to her daughter's cooking and everything she says. Willemijn is rather quiet and afraid to stand up against her mother. Adriënne is shocked to learn Annabel, one of her grandchildren, is advised to join lower education. She tells Willemijn it is her fault, explicitly saying she has disappointed her for the umpteenth time. In the last episode of the season, Adriënne is talking with Evert and Willemijn about their renewed wedding, after they got divorced. Adriënne believes they should have fought for their marriage in the first place, criticizing the couple once again, especially Willemijn. Adriënne firmly demands her daughter to marry under prenuptial agreement, just to be sure. Evert is the one who somewhat stands up against Adriënne. Later that episode, Adriënne tells Willemijn it is her own decision whether she wants to marry under prenup or on equal terms. This upsets Willemijn; yelling at her mother over the phone, since Adriënne forced her to follow her will at first. Before the wedding, Adriënne gives Willemijn an inheritable necklace, though she will receive it when her mother's dead. Adriënne is proud when Evert and Willemijn get married for the second time.

Season 4 Edit

Adriënne appears in the first episode from the fourth season. Willemijn has died and Adriënne tells Claire about wanting to put the vase containing her daughter's ashes at the Verbrugge family grave. However, she doesn't know her ashes have already been spread. In secret, Claire decides to fool Adriënne by filling another classic vase with burned wood. At the ceremony, Adriënne holds a speech about her daughter, also pointing out she wasn't happy with the fact Willemijn has been cremated instead of buried. Though Adriënne has always been very harsh to Willemijn, we learn she loved her very much nevertheless ("a mother shouldn't survive her daughter").

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